A real-world client-facing project with real loan data

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· 1. Introduction
· 2. Data Cleaning and Exploratory Analysis
· 3. Modeling
3.1 Preprocessing
3.2 Model Selection
3.3 Model Optimization
· 4. Conclusions
· References
· About Me

Note: There is no data or code provided in this post. If you want to get access to the data, follow along and build a loan default model from scratch, please see my other article: Loan Default Prediction with Berka Dataset.

1. Introduction

This project is part of my freelance data science work for a client. There is no non-disclosure agreement required and the project does not contain any sensitive…

An End-to-end Machine Learning Project with Real Bank Data

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Table of Content

· Introduction
· About the Dataset
· Import Dataset into the Database
· Connect Python to MySQL Database
· Feature Extraction
· Feature Transformation
· Modeling
· Conclusion and Future Directions
· About Me

Note: If you are interested in the details beyond this post, the Berka Dataset, all the code, and notebooks can be found on my GitHub Page.

This post is just a hands-on practice building a loan default prediction model. If you are interested in this topic and want to see some more in-depth work that I accomplished for a client, using optimization to turn their loss…

Zhou (Joe) Xu

Data Scientist at Chapeau AI. I am an aspiring technologist, a quick learner, and a problem solver with engineering backgrounds.

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